Frantastique: Learning French Online

I have exciting news! I’ve started a partnership with Frantastique, a French company based in Paris (but with  offices in other locations around the world) that offers a software for learning French online. You will now find Frantastique banners on this blog and a special Frantastique page for you to sign up. ...Read More

Chłodnik: Polish Cold Soup

You probably know gazpacho but have you heard of chłodnik? It’s a  Polish cold soup, made with kefir (or sourmilk), beet root and  leaves, cucumber, radish, dill and chives. Hard-boiled eggs are often added, and apparently so is crab meat and potatoes.  As Wikipedia claims, it has a shockingly pink color (although ...Read More

Legends of Warsaw

It’s Multicultural Blogging Carnival time again- and this time, it’s hosted by Cordelia of Multilingual Mama. The topic is Culture and Cities and I decided to write about my favourite city of all time- Warsaw. And is there a better way of teaching kids about culture and cities than through stories? Warsaw ...Read More

Global Moms Who Are Totally Killing It

Recently, Elite Daily made a post about Millennial moms, showing perfectly staged photos of mothers and kids in same-looking outfits, chilling at Coachella, or happily making baby food from scratch. The article describes them as: “tech-savvy, open-minded and protective”, and I think that the photos prove them to have all of these traits.  I ...Read More

5 Tips For a Fuss Free Flight

My mom is what you can call a frequent traveler. She often tells me about her recent travels or her plans to go to a new exciting destination for work. Her job allows her to travel to many interesting places, including Australia, Oman and Beirut. She even went to Las Vegas for ...Read More

Rose Petal Jam

  I know I’m getting closer to my destination. I can already smell it. The scent is unforgettable. I take a deep breath and smile. Yes, this is it. Now I can also see what I’m looking for. I take out my plastic bag that I brought for this very occasion and ...Read More

Sponge Cake with Strawberries and Vanilla Sauce

My brother doesn’t eat sweets much but when he does, they have to be good.  There are some cakes and desserts he enjoys, such as Death by Chocolate or Oreo cheesecake. And, of course sponge cake with strawberries, especially with vanilla sauce. My brother loves vanilla in all forms and it complements the ...Read More

10 Online Tools to Improve Your English Writing Skills: A Guest Post

Julie over at Essay Mama contacted me and asked to publish this post. I thought it offered some great tools for improving your English writing skills. Do you use any of these or other writing tools? If so, please let me know! Have you ever questioned your English writing skill? Personally, I ...Read More

C is for Combining Cultures: Raising Global Citizens

  I’m excited to take part in this series, the ABC of Raising Global Citizens. It will run from June 1st to June 26th and there will be a post for each letter of the alphabet. The Creative World of Varya kicked off the series with a wonderful post, “A is for ...Read More

Four Reasons We Chose French Immersion for Our Daughter

Dear readers, meet my BLUNTmom friend Brooke of Missteenussr. She usually writes about parenting in a funny but extremely beautifully written way. She is a real word wizard (you really have to read “Ladies Who Lunge” to know what I mean). She recently allowed me to guest post on her blog- check me ...Read More