All You Want to Know About My Multilingualism

One of the cool things about being a blogger is that you get to talk to some really fabulous people. A while ago, I was interviewed by two great bloggers about my multilingualism and raising multilingual children. One was Olena Centeno of Bilingual Kids Rock (check out her other podcasts as well!) and Aneta ...Read More

Why I’m Proud of My Vaccination Scar

In the book “Outlander”, Claire, a British woman from the 1940-ies, finds herself in Scotland of the 18 century, recognizes fellow time traveller Geillis Duncan by the smallpox vaccination scar on the other woman’s shoulder. I must admit I would have been just as easily recognizable because I happen to have just ...Read More

Breadmaker Pizza Recipe

Following the success of my breadmaker brioche, here’s another great bread machine recipe that I’m making sometimes- enter the breadmaker pizza recipe! It is much more time-intensive than the brioche and it’s not traditional Italian pizza, but it’s delicious and the kids love it- and often they help me make it. I ...Read More

Moroccan Style Chicken Couscous Soup

I promised some of you that I’d give my slow-cooker a chance to prove itself… and I didn’t. I made this chicken couscous soup in my pressure cooker but didn’t use the pressure). However, if you’re looking for a warming, hearty, spicy ad comforting meal (that you can also make in a ...Read More

5 Things I Want You to Know About Polish

Yesterday was International Mother Language Day (#IMLD).  and I want to shed some light on my own mother tongue, Polish. I know I’m late but then Ilze wrote her post about Latvian and I found it absolutely fascinating and wanted to write a similar post listing all the things to know about ...Read More

Focaccia Recipe

I love all kinds of bread. My favourite is the heavy, German-style bread made with rye flour but sometimes I feel like making Turkish-style flatbread. Or at least I thought it was Turkish-style flatbread because when I found the recipe and proudly presented the result to my Turkish friend, she said, “Oh, ...Read More

Homemade Chocolate for Valentine’s Day Sponsored Post and Giveaway

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by OneDay and I was rewarded for writing it. I wasn’t a huge fan of Valentine’s day until last year when the daycare took care of our children while we went for a date, just the two of us. My husband and me. It was epic! And from that ...Read More

How to Get Published on the Big Sites (Like The Huffington Post)

There are many reasons why people decide to start a blog. Some write for friends and family, others wish to reach a bigger audience. And when your blog is small, a great way to achieve the latter is to be published on big sites. The Huffington Post is one of the sites ...Read More

How To Talk To Dutch Doctors So That They Will Listen

For those of you not yet in the know about the Dutch healthcare system, doctors in the Netherlands believe that everything can be cured by Paracetamol and bread. I still remember the shock when I asked for the chicken pox vaccine for my kids and was told that such a vaccine does ...Read More

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Less Spoken Language

I love having guest posts on my blog! They come from various people from all over the world and cover a variety of topics, from homeschooling to upcycling. Sometimes, the authors are experts in their fields and offer such great advice, like this one from Ariadne of the Positive Parenting Connection or ...Read More