5 Tips for Maintaining Your Less Spoken Language

I love having guest posts on my blog! They come from various people from all over the world and cover a variety of topics, from homeschooling to upcycling. Sometimes, the authors are experts in their fields and offer such great advice, like this one from Ariadne of the Positive Parenting Connection or ...Read More

Witlof Chicory, Fruit and Blue Cheese Salad

Many people don’t like chicory because of its bitter taste but I just love everything about it: its freshness, the tanginess, the hairy texture. I think chicory is fabulous. I’ve only tried it cold- eaten like that or in salads, but recently, I’ve started using it warm: in pasta casseroles or baked ...Read More

5 Tips for a Peaceful Christmas

Like every year, I’m getting really excited about Christmas. Usually we visit my parents and brother in Warsaw, Poland so that I can stop being so homesick, but due to many reasons, we decided to stay in the Netherlands this year. When my husband and I were still dating, I would fly ...Read More

Multicultural Celebrations: the MKB December Festival

It’s been a while since I hosted the Multicultural Kid Blogs Carnival but it’s my turn again! My theme this month is Multicultural Celebrations and answers the question: what makes your celebrations multicultural?  I keep my theme very broad since I was late at announcing it and wanted to give other bloggers ...Read More

Christmas Carols around the World

  Everyone loves a good Christmas carol. I certainly know I do. I guess we all know so many beautiful Christmas songs. They tell of peace and joy and the birth of baby Jesus. They are sung in simple voices and by whole choirs with complicated musical arrangements. Big Stars like Mariah ...Read More

Not Really Dutch Sweet Potato Stamppot

Stamppot, the typical Dutch dish. It doesn’t look very enticing, with the ingredients being mashed together (the name comes from stampen, to mash), but it is extremely comforting and delicious. I don’t really eat stamppot that often, but its simplicity and the comfort it gives are delightful. Once, I tried making it ...Read More

Death by Chocolate Recipe

My obsession with this dessert began many years ago. I was still living in Warsaw and we had this cafe where my mother, brother and me would have breakfast together. Said breakfast consisted of a glass of orange juice, a pot of tea (oh how I miss tea served in a pot ...Read More

Things I’ve Learned from Publishing an Anthology

First of all, I proudly present “Dutched Up!Rocking the Clogs, Expat Style!”, a funny, heartwarming, and informative compilation of stories by women expat bloggers in the Netherlands. The honour of putting all of these submissions together fell to me and I did it gladly. In this process I have learned some valuable ...Read More

Bread Maker Brioche

There are moments when a lady craves something fluffy and buttery. Said lady paced to and fro in her house because she didn’t know how to achieve said fluffiness and butteriness she was craving so much. She wanted to make it by hand but then decided she didn’t have a lot of ...Read More

Introducing Dutched Up! Get the Book Now!

  It is my great pleasure to announce that the book is out! It features the best expat women bloggers in the Netherlands and will make you laugh, cry and nod your head in agreement. Dutched Up! is a compilation of stories from Expat Women Bloggers living in the Netherlands. The book ...Read More