Eating Wildly by Ava Chin: a Review

I’ve first read the English term “foraging” in a book called “Eating Wildly. Foraging for Love, Life and the Perfect Meal”. I didn’t even know there is a special English word for collecting goods in the wild. In Polish, it is just referred to as “collecting plants/mushrooms/fruit”. It is also very popular ...Read More

Put on Your Sock-etines.Raising A Bilingual Child: A Guest Post by est.1975

After I guest-posted on est.1975, Sarah was kind enough to return the favor. Sarah is married to a Spanish man and they are raising a bilingual child, with both English and Spanish. Contrary to popular information, she and her husband didn’t made  a grand decision to raise their child with both languages. ...Read More

8 Reasons American Parents are Awesome

What’s with all the backlash against American parents? There are so many articles about all the things American parents do wrong. Take for example this one written by a British nanny, “5 reasons why modern-day parenting is in crisis”. There are many others (like the famous French/Asian mothers are superior, or this ...Read More

Homemade Noodles

Have you ever tried making homemade noodles? They’re surprisingly easy to make, delicious and children can help making them. I got the recipe from my father, of course- who else? And I liked making noodles before taking a school test. The experience of kneading, rolling out and cutting out the shapes in ...Read More

Reducing Expat Anxiety Tips by MegSanity: a Guest Post

Have you met Meg Sanity? She runs a blog of the same name about women psychology. It’s great and you should check it out. She drops the F bomb frequently, but (or should I say AND) she’s smart and she can explain super complex things so that everyone can understand them. Not ...Read More

Zebra Cake Recipe

When I tell people that I’m going to make zebra cake, they reaction is usually the same, “A zebra cake? How do you make a zebra cake?” And my answer, too, is always the same: “Well, you take a zebra…” and then I expect the horrified or surprised look on the other ...Read More

Packing for One: Travelling Alone When you Have Children

One woman, one piece of luggage. Task: pack one bag for one person for three days. Time to complete task: 12 hours. Of course it doesn’t take 12 hours. It takes all of 5 minutes and then I am done. “The bag looks too empty”, I’m thinking. Maybe I forgot something? It ...Read More

Editing Your Family Holiday Videos: a Guest Post

A while ago, Emilie of Nomad Photos shared her wonderful tips on taking great pictures of children. I have learned a lot from her. This time, my friend Ildiko of Push the Red Button is telling us how to take great family videos! I am grateful for my friends who are not only ...Read More

Homemade Yoghurt

, When I was around 12 years old, my father and I went there to visit friends there. He is Dutch, she is American and was my mother’s teacher when she was living in the Netherlands. When I moved here, I contacted them and we’re still in touch. When we were visiting, ...Read More

5 Reasons We Chose an International School

In the Netherlands where we live, there are plenty of schools to choose from: religious, Montessori, “traditional” local schools, and international schools. We chose one of the latter. Not all international schools are the same, of course. Some offer a variety of languages and cultural programs while others cater more to a ...Read More