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Life from Scratch Review and Guinness Chocolate Cake

  One of the members of Multicultural Kid Blogs,  Sasha Martin, wrote a memoir about her experiences of cooking the world on her blog, the Global Table Adventure. By cooking the world, I mean, cooking a recipe from every country in the world while caring for a baby. We organized a little blog ...Read More

Warsaw, Poland. Show Me Your Neighborhood Around the World

Show Me Your Neighbourhood Around the World: Warsaw A while ago, I took part in this great series called Show Me Your Neighbourhood around the World, started by Annabelle of the Piri-Piri Lexicon. The idea is to show typical buildings, means of transport and streets from as many different part of the ...Read More

7 Simple Tips To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy Food

Meal time can become war-time (and God knows it has happened to me!), if you don’t have the correct attitude towards it. Kids are strange little things, unpredictable and full of surprises. One day they might gulp the broccoli down like it’s the yummiest thing ever, and the next day they hate ...Read More

Lost My Name Arrives in the Netherlands

When I found out about Lost My Name, I thought what a cool book idea! I should contact them and ask them whether they would send me the books in return for a review. A while later, they emailed me and asked me to do just that! And just in time for my ...Read More

15 Fun Facts About Schools Around the World

I was so surprised to find so many differences in the various school systems. The date school starts, the age at which the kids start, grading systems, approach and teaching philosophy – the variation is huge! Fascinated by all the differences, I sat down and found 15 exciting and fun facts about ...Read More

Our Vacation in France

Disclaimer: this post was written in partnership with Frantastique! 3 years ago, after all the stress with buying the new house, and settling in there, we decided that we needed a break. When friends of us mentioned that they wanted to go on vacation in France, we considered this a great idea ...Read More

What Fears Do Parents Of Multilingual Children Have: MKB Telephone

It’s time for yet another Multicultural Kid Blogs Telephone! I hope you enjoyed the last one we did on travelling– I had so much fun doing it and now we’ve decided to do another one, this one on raising bilingual and multilingual kids.  The way it works is all participating bloggers (see ...Read More

Bilberry Jam

I often miss the food from home, but sometimes miracles happen. Sour cherries were one example. For a long time I couldn’t think about anything else… but then we moved and I found a sour cherry tree happily growing in my own front yard. And it only took me a year to ...Read More

Frantastique: Learning French Online

I have exciting news! I’ve started a partnership with Frantastique, a French company based in Paris (but with  offices in other locations around the world) that offers a software for learning French online. You will now find Frantastique banners on this blog and a special Frantastique page for you to sign up. ...Read More

Chłodnik: Polish Cold Soup

You probably know gazpacho but have you heard of chłodnik? It’s a  Polish cold soup, made with kefir (or sourmilk), beet root and  leaves, cucumber, radish, dill and chives. Hard-boiled eggs are often added, and apparently so is crab meat and potatoes.  As Wikipedia claims, it has a shockingly pink color (although ...Read More