5 Reasons To Visit Spain

I think back to our holidays in Spain with nostalgia. The first time, we went to Valencia and we loved it so much that we came back a year after that. The second time, we started off in Malaga and later visited Sevilla and Madrid. Our bag with her clothes was stolen ...Read More

Dino Lingo Polish For Kids Full Home Education Set: A Review

Disclaimer: I received a Polish for Kids Full Home Education Set as a thank- you for this review. As a mom of multilingual children, I am always on the lookout for fun language resources. I especially like it when these resources come in many various media such as books, DVDs. Additionally; I’ve ...Read More

My Brother’s China Adventure

No, not mine. Since I have three children, travelling anywhere can be somewhat complicated. But luckily I can live vicariously through my brother. He and his girlfriend went to China 2 years ago and they were so kind to share their China adventure. This was supposed to be our first holiday together ...Read More

13 Places To Visit in Warsaw, Poland

I haven’t thought of Warsaw as a popular tourist destination. I guess one of the reasons is that I come from there, but there are others. Many people who visit Warsaw do so for business rather than sightseeing. And the people who actually do want to see the city usually end up ...Read More

Oreo Cheesecake Ice Cream

Everyone knows that I love cheesecake in all its glorious forms. I make a great cheesecake thanks to my friend Kinga. I also love Oreo Cheesecake. And then I discovered The No-Bake Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake from Julie Nowell. I love it! The cool think is that if you don’t feel like having ...Read More

Weird Polish Food I Love To Eat

It hasn’t occured to me that Polish food, albeit delicious, can seem weird to other cultures. But yes, some things we eat are most definitely unusual. As I’ve thought about my own eating habits, I made this little list. It mentions the weird Polish food that I love to eat. I am ...Read More

Multilingual Frozen

I remember when I was in Hamburg, we sung “Hakuna Matata” from the “Lion King” each of us in their own language, and it worked out perfectly. There is lots of problems with Disney movies, but I loved them as a child, still love them and I think that they can bring ...Read More

Tabouleh Recipe

With the days getting warmer (one day, hopefully!), I have cravings for lighter foods. Like tabouleh. It’s a perfect summer salad made with cous cous, tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, parsley, and harissa, for those of you whol like the hot taste. My father-in-law is  a part of a cooking group and he and ...Read More

8 Ways to Help Children Adjust to a New Country

After my post on helping trailing spouses, I am very happy to shar ethis post by Ariadne Brill of the Positive Parenting Connection. I love her thoughtful advice on raising happy and well-adjusted children and forming a good relationship with them. Ariadne is also a fellow expat living in Switzerland with her ...Read More

“A Parents’ And Teachers’ Guide To Bilingualism” by Colin Baker: A Review

Disclaimer: I was offered a free copy of the book as a reward for this review When I first read “A Parents’ And Teachers’ Guide To Bilingualism”, I was thinking, “it would be so cool to have a paper copy of the book for references”! My wish came true when Multilingual Matters ...Read More