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Warsaw, Poland. Show Me Your Neighborhood Around the World

Warsaw  World Neighbourhood

Show Me Your Neighbourhood Around the World: Warsaw

A while ago, I took part in this great series called Show Me Your Neighbourhood around the World, started by Annabelle of the Piri-Piri Lexicon. The idea is to show typical buildings, means of transport and streets from as many different part of the world as possible. In this series, we have anything from Berlin to Rural Zambia across 5 continents (and 6 if you count the two Americas as two continents).  

These are the pictures that must be included (I didn’t take these pictures but instead asked my brother and a friend for help as I don’t live in Warsaw anymore):

A playground or play area

A local mode of transport

A typical house/building

A street nearby

A school, nursery or other education facility

A market, supermarket or other shopping outlet

I loved this series. In fact, I loved it so much that I did it all over again.

After the beautiful city of Delft, let me take you on a walk of my hometown Warsaw, Poland. It’s not as pretty but it’s my home (or one of my many homes).

  • A local mode of transport

In Warsaw, you have a big choice of all possible means of transport but the metro (tube, subway or underground), I think is the most interesting. It took a long time to build it- the plans were started in 1982 but the Metro didn’t happen until 1995. For a long time, Warsaw only had one Metro line (as I joked, THE line). It’s also extremely beautiful- it was even included in this Bored Panda round-up of the world’s most beautiful metro stations. Now Warsaw has two Metro lines- of course they started when I moved abroad, but well, such is life. The yellow-red buses and trams are also typical for Warsaw.

Warsaw tramwaj

11647297_10202897466237868_1179050141_n (2)  

  • A typical building

Warsaw is extremely diverse so it’s hard to talk about typical buildings- it’s more reasonable to talk about typical buildings from different eras. For example, this is an example of pre-war architecture. Yes, the building is old and yes, it probably still has holes from WWII but it’s beautiful.


This building is an example of an architectonic style called socialist realism (although it also included paintings and literature). The style drew their inspirations from classicism- see the clear forms but instead of gods, the people portrayed were workers. house

And these are houses from the Old Town- again, very different.

I Love Warsaw 2

  • A nursery or school

When my brother se nt me a picture of this school, I couldn’t help but laugh, it looked so familiar. It was the school my brother and me attended as children. It belonged to a set of school build in the late 50ies. The plan was to build a thousand schools for the millennium anniversary of Poland’s baptism in 966. They would act as schools and also as a kind of memorial. Until that time, more than 1400 schools were built- among them Elementary School number 203: my school.

school 2

  • A typical Street

Again, like with buildings, I am not sure if Warsaw has a typical street but this one is pretty typical for the Center of the city. A street in the Old Town would have looked differently and so would for example Aleja Andersa- the big street with the socialistic realistic big houses. street

  • A market/supermarket/shopping centre

This shopping centre is called Złote Tarasy, Golden Terraces. It’s situated close to The Palace of Culture and Science- one of Warsaw’s landmarks and I thought it’s very pretty with its mouldy roof. In fact, it looks like a paradise for skiers. Inside are shops, a food court and a cinema. You will also find different stands with delicious food and snacks- my mom sometimes buys dried fruit there.  Warsaw Zlote Tarasy

  • A playground

This is not in the area I used to live but I asked a friend to take the picture for me. However, there is a nice little playground in the park close to the place I used to live. Despite being a big city, Warsaw has many of such playgrounds for kids. Playground

  • A symbol of the city

Warsaw is full of symbols and legends. One of them is the Syrenka but this one is the Palace of Culture and Science. Legend has it that the people of Warsaw had a choice between getting a Metro and the Palace of Culture and Science- built in similar style to the Seven Sisters in Moscow. However, there is no proof of that. However, the Palace of Culture and Science was built, and is now Warsaw’s highest and most recognizable building. You can actually take the elevator all the way up to enjoy the Warsaw panorama.

Pałac Kultury

The Syrenka (the Mermaid) is another symbol of Warsaw. She holds a sword and shield to protect the city. Legend has it she was found in the Vistula river and is apparently the sister of the mermaid of Copenhagen. You can read more about the legend as well as other Warsaw legends here. Thanks to My Travelling Joys for letting me use the picture! 


I’m so happy to show you my neighbourhood, one of the most important one. Besides, if you want to see another of my neighborhoods, check out Delft, the Netherlands and Hamburg, Germany on Let the Journey Begin.

Show me your neighbourhood around the world



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  • Reply Annabelle October 21, 2015 at 9:30 pm

    Thanks for taking part Olga. Beautiful city. Would love to visit.

    • Reply Olga Mecking October 24, 2015 at 11:44 am

      Please do! There’s so much to see in Warsaw!

  • Reply rushessay service December 1, 2015 at 6:42 am

    It is good to see that these old buildings get preserved. In the country where I came from most of the prewar buildings were already demolished and those that were left remained untouched, which is better, but with no retrofitting being done they can easily be damaged by natural causes. People sometimes forget the history and the memories that these structures represent.

  • Reply Don't Be Scared of Ugly Cities May 17, 2016 at 10:21 am

    […] hear this about Warsaw all the time. People often tell me: “Oh yes, Warsaw. I’ve been there but it’s grey and ugly […]

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