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Pierogi Leniwe (Lazy Pierogi) Recipe #NaBloPoMo


Lazy Pierogi


I wanted to share another recipe but was asked to suggest a recipe where children could get involved in, and thought that this recipe would be just perfect. Also, it is a great dish for a quick, easy dinner.

You have probably heard about pierogi, Polish dumplings filled with meat, curd cheese or fruit. These are called in Polish, “pierogi leniwe”- lazy pierogi or pierogi for lazy people. It’s because you don’t have to stuff them, the filing is already in the dough. My mom makes them and they’re delicious!

You will need:

250g Polish curd cheese (twaróg)- if you can’t find it, try cottage cheese, ricotta, or any kind of soft white cheese. The taste will be different but you’ll get the idea.

3-4 eggs

a pinch of salt

flour (ennough to make a dough)

Squash the cheese with a fork. Add eggs, and mix well. Add flour until you can roll it like in the pictures. The dough may be quite sticky.

pierogi leniwe


child making pierogi leniwe


pierogi leniwe


Roll into ropes and with a knife, cut diagonally into little pieces, the size can vary, my mom’s are bigger, mine are smaller.

Cook them in a big pan of boiling water until they rise to the top. You can additionally fry them in butter.

In Poland, this is usually a sweet, meatless dish, eaten with butter, sugar and cinnamon. My father who can’t eat sweets, eats them with butter, salt and pepper.

Lazy pierogi are a perfect dish to make with children- their little hands are just right for the rolling part and since the dough is very soft, children can use a blunt knife to cut the ropes into little pieces. Also, children usually love to mix and knead the dough!I don’t have a picture of the finished product, but they should look like that, when cooked. And it reminds me that I also have a pierogi recipe that I need to share!


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