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Global Moms Who Are Totally Killing It


Recently, Elite Daily made a post about Millennial moms, showing perfectly staged photos of mothers and kids in same-looking outfits, chilling at Coachella, or happily making baby food from scratch. The article describes them as: “tech-savvy, open-minded and protective”, and I think that the photos prove them to have all of these traits. 

I was born in the early 80ies which apparently makes me a a Millennial. I didn’t actually know it until I had this interview with My International Adventure and Bob- my interviewer and founder of the site asked me about my age. I told him I was 32 (at that time), and he said: “So you are a Millennial, then?”. I hesitated before I answered, “Yes?”, but in my head, it was more: “If you say so?” I then googled Millennials and found out that I am indeed a Millennial. I don’t seem to identify with that description, though. First of all, I do not organize Pinterest-perfect birthday parties- although I do whip up a nice rainbow cake. My outfits are not coordinated with my kids’ outfits (hell, they’re rarely coordinated at all) and while I couldn’t care less about getting a tattoo with my kids’ names on it.

I think I’m more like one of these regular, everyday moms in this Scary Mommy post.

Skimming through this Wikipedia description of the term I also found out that the term Millennials refers mostly to Americans- Howe and Strauss, two men responsible for coining the term actually said as much in their book title: “The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069″. I’m not American so I’m not even sure if this word even fits people like me?

But did you know that the Millennial generation is also known as the Global Generation? Now this is something I can actually relate to (together with the open-mindedness). Oh well, maybe I’m not that global- I’m strictly European, but of course I knew where to turn to find some amazing globally conscious moms: The Multicultural Kid Blogs.

These ladies sent me some great pictures, that prove without a doubt (in case you even had doubts) that being a global mom is absolutely amazing. 

“We are educated and we inspire our kids to be the same.” says Diana of LadydeeLG image

 We rock it with our kids to the beat of world music- just like Varya, a Russian mama in China who is dancing to a Persian tune.


 We’re open to new cultures but we also want our kids to remember where we came from, as Annabelle of the Piri- Piri Lexicon so beautifully depicts with her photo.


 We travel with our kids from a very young age- yes, we even take them on transatlantic flights! Annabelle4


Our kids love to travel and their favourite phrase is: “What are we going to see today?”- this great photo comes from an American Mom in Bordeaux.

2015-Belgium Vacation - Brussels, Brugge, et Mons (1)

Of course we teach them to adapt and behave like the locals- here my kids all dressed in orange for the last Queen’s Day 2 years ago.


MaDonna of Raising TCK’s think it’s important to “We make sure that our kids not only use the language, but know more about the culture as well.” Well said, MaDonna, well said.  Here, her son is perfecting his calligraphy skills.


We teach our kids to ice-skate in Berlin- like MarocMama

skating in Berlin

and we also know that, “In multi-cultural families, the American mom and Brazilian kid both know a great coconut deserves a fist bump.”- a great quote from Brynn in Brazil. Brynn-Kid & Coconut

We have zero problems joining our kids in their Halloween fun, even if we’re not American but, like for example Eolia of La Cite de Vents, French and living in Germany. P1000670

Sarah of A Life With Subtitles knows very well that one of the most important things our babies will need shortly after birth is a passport photo. 1085008_10201594244277237_436289091_o

We introduce our kids to all kinds of food and drinks- like Annabelle’s daughter demonstrates. And we also cook all kinds of yummy food with them.




And last but not least, we’re proud that our kids can skype before they can talk- to bond with extended family back home- again, Sarah demonstrates how it’s done.


What do you think? I think move over Pinterest-perfect, impeccably-dressed Millennial moms. Global moms are coming.


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  • Reply Eolia Disler July 12, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    I love how you put them all together! Indeed, “perfection” doesn’t exist, but “Global moms” do! and they rock… (more or less in my case, hihi) Thanks for this occasion of changing the perception about “millenials moms”.
    Eolia Disler recently posted…My life status in Oberursel… before family gets bigger.My Profile

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