lychee sherbet
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Banana And Lychee Sherbet #NaBloPoMo

lychee sherbet

After sharing with you my tips against the winter blues and a post about where I consider to be home, I thought that this lychee sherbet is a good idea: light and sweet and delicious, to balance out the deeper , more reflective posts. I know it is not entirely sherbet season, but I want to wrap up my cooking blog and move all the recipes here.

The recipe called for mango, except I didn’t have mangoes. I had bananas. And lychees. And my daughter wanted to make ice cream. RIGHT NOW! So we made banana lychee ice cream and it was delicious. Here’s the recipe.

– 3 bananas
– a big jar of lychees (around 400g), with juice. Take 1,5 gcup of the juice for yourself and the children.
– 100ml water
– 100g sugar
– one blood orange (because I am definitely the type of person who doesn’t have lemons in her house, but she has blood oranges)

Peel, cut and freeze bananas, put in a food processor together with the lychees and what remained of the lychee juice after you drank some of it. Add the juice from the blood orange.

Boil the water with the sugar until the sugar dissolves and the syrup begins to thicken. Add the syrup to the banana/lychee mixture and mix at high speed until smooth.

Put it in a tupeprware box and put it in the freezer. Mix every 30 minutes until set. Enjoy.

I was about to add some lemon balm leaves for decoration but I forgot. Anyway, it was delicious and easy, so you can give it a try, too!

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